• Every time you add money with a card, we are charged a fee by the payment gateway (eg. Paystack, Flutterwave, Interswitch) that connects any bank card to your Kuda account.

  • It’s really hard to trace the source of the money being moved from a card, so fraudsters love using card payments to cover their tracks and transfer stolen money. 

For these reasons, we’ve made three new rules we need you to know:

Rule #1: You must upgrade your Kuda account to add money with a card.

  • To keep everyone and their money as safe as we can, we cannot compromise on this.

  • Without a Bank Verification Number (BVN) and a government-issued ID, you can add money to your account strictly by transfer or cash deposits.

  • Tap More at the bottom of your Kuda dashboard then tap Identification to add your BVN and ID.

Rule #2: You will pay a payment gateway fee for adding money to your account with a card.

  • The payment gateway fee for local cards is 100 naira + 1.5% of the amount you’re adding.

  • Please, this fee isn’t from us but we will let you know how much it is before you move money from your card to your accounts.

  • Cash deposits and transfers to your account are always free.

  • We’ll make sure we send you a message when you’re approaching the free limit.

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