• To get paid for referrals, each person you refer must add their BVN and a valid ID on their Kuda app, then buy at least 500 naira airtime on the app.

  • When you claim your referrals, we'll pay you 1,000 naira for each of your referrals and send 1,000 naira to each person who completes the referral steps with your referral code.

  • You'll be able to claim your referral reward 24 hours after the person you referred has completed the referral steps.

To claim your referral reward after 24 hours:

1. Open your Kuda app, then tap More.

2. Tap Referrals.

3. Tap View History.

4. Tap Claim on a completed referral.

5. We'll add 1,000 naira to your Spend balance and send another 1,000 naira to the friend you referred.

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