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Set Your Daily Transfer Limit
Set Your Daily Transfer Limit
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  • You can easily set the maximum amount you can send from your Kuda account daily.

  • If your account is on Tier 3, you can set an amount from as low as 50,000 naira to as high as 10 million as your daily transfer limit.

  • Your daily transfer limit is the maximum amount you can send from your account in a day. This can help you control your spending.

  • To set an amount higher than 10 million naira as your daily transfer limit, please follow the instructions on the app.

    To set your daily transfer limit:

    1. Sign in to your Kuda app, then tap More.

    2. Tap Account Limits.

    3. Tap Manage Daily Limit.


    4. Slide left or right to your preferred daily transfer limit.

    5. Tap Next.

    6. Agree to the terms then tap Continue.


    7. Confirm your daily transfer limit with Face ID, your fingerprint or your transaction PIN.

    8. Tap Okay to return to your dashboard.

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