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Use Pay With Bank On Flutterwave-Powered Websites
Use Pay With Bank On Flutterwave-Powered Websites
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Websites and apps that accept payments through Flutterwave have a ‘Pay With Bank’ option that allows you pay directly from your Kuda account. It's a quick, reliable and secure payment option.

When you’re checking out on a website or an app that accepts payments through Flutterwave, follow these steps:

1. Tap Pay With Bank.

2. When the Mono widget appears on your screen, tap Kuda.

3. Type in your phone number.

4. Sign in to your Kuda app, then tap Pay.

5. Tap Cardless Payments.

6. Tap Pay With Bank.

7. Tap To Make A Payment.

8. Confirm with your transaction ID, fingerprint or Face ID.

10. Copy your Pay ID.

11. Paste your Pay ID on the website or app where you want to pay and complete your payment.

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