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Login issues

Hi I'm Michael I want to login my kuda account on another device so I want you to help me logged out my account on the iPhone device so I can login on my new Samsung phone

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I can’t send otp for changing my transaction pin
Please how can I get my top in Gmail  I lost my old sim card
I really need google assistant to manage my Google account
I lost my SIM how can I log in my kudq account with out otp
Please how did you later do it 
Good morning , please i forget my login password
Good morning , please i forget my login password,i was sent a ticket code ,but i don't know how to do it . please help me out

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Hi please I can't login to my kuda account, I have forgotten my password
 I needed reset password link 
My phone  was stolen I can’t login my Kuda app because I can’t receive otp i don’t know what to do 
I can’t login my account anymore and I can’t use my money in the account 
My old gmail address doesn’t exist anymore so I want to change it to this new address 
I lost my phone i can’t access my kuda bank help Please 
Please I can't log in to my sim
Please I lost my phone how can k log in without an otp
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