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Phone number

I lost my sim and it asking for an otp code which I can’t get

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I need help I lost my sim and I can receive code how will I do it

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I need help i lost my sim i cant receive the code pls help
This is my account 
My username is olamilekan 
I lost my sim card
Pls I lost my sim send my otp to my gmail pls
I lost my sim I need to change my number
Lost my phone can’t login 
Please I’m begging how can I login cos I lost my SIM card and I need to pay my school fees right now 
I lost my sim card I can not get the otp code please help me
I lost my SIM card how can I get an otp code using my email address?
Please I lost my sim card and I want to login my kuda account, pls can I get the otp to my Gmail address
How can i get my otp to login
This is what i see if i want to login

I need to update my phone number to the active one

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