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Login issues

Hi I’m Mariam I lost my sim and pls can you help me login with otp and after that I can change my phone number pls 

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How do I get my login code via my email address I lost my number
Please I lost the sim I used to receive otp if I want to login please how can you help me with the login,so I can able to changed my number
Hi please I’m unable to login to my account cause I forgot my gmail. Please help me out 

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I'm candy Mariam Anynfe I forget my gmail password and I can't login to my account please help me
I remember my password, I have my phone number, I have my email address, but my app is not opening since morning, is there a problem
Couldn't log in to my account even after I got a mail for a credit alert, what's wrong with this bank? Should we always have this log in issues every few weeks interval?
I beg you in the name of God open my account. I want to withdraw my money and delete my account with you guys. I'm tired. Update today update tomorrow. What kind of application is this? Open my account I want to withdraw my money.

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We send messages they don't reply. You guys are useless
Please someone transfer money to this morning and have not see it Please what is the issue And also my kuda app is putting a red signer on it self on my phone And I did not know the meaning of that red signer
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So frustrated today, I can't access the app
I haven't been able to access my Kuda account for days now, please help I'm stranded. It keeps saying a problem from our end. Please help
For over 8hours now I can't login to the mobile app. It keeps crashing. Please fix this in good time. The reputation of kuda is at stake here.
I can’t access to my email and I can’t log in with my new email you guys are so annoying Kuda bank sort this out 
Hello Kuda I need to login my Kuda I’m owning customer and I need to pay them and I have been having issues with my login can’t even login to access the money in the account what’s going on you need to fix this okay I’m in need of the money 
Login Issues
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