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Phone number

I’m Alatise wahab Olajuwon I lost my SIM card how can I login with get a code please help me out 

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Hello! Please I'm encountering issues of getting a OTP confirmation code. I lost the sim card I used to registererd my kuda account. Can you please help me if there's any way you can send the OTP on my Email address.
Please I want to change my phone number
Hi pls I lost my simcard I used in Opening kuda account..pls how can I change it to another one
I lost my SIM card and I can’t retrieve it anymore. Now im having issues to login my Kuda account cos it’s requiring password on the old phone number. And i have been texting @help.kuda for the past three days I haven’t gotten any positive response yet. It’s sucks tbh
I lost my sim card and now I can't login in . Why haven't they fixed this . I've been trying for months now
Help me pls i lost my sim card hw could i get otp with my email
I lost my phone number for otp login and I can’t log into the app. Kindly help on how to change or another method to login my account. 
Can't change my phone number
How do I fix up my kuda and change my phone number from the old number attached to the acct 
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