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Change of number

Hello am Sodiq I lost my phone that am using to receive OTP code I want to change the number so I will be able to login 

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Hi I lost my phone and sim, I can’t login my bank app without otp, please I want to change my number.

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I need to change my phone number to get into my account 
 i lost my SIM card and I can’t get the OTP through text so I unable to login. How can I receive it through my email 
I lost my sim card
Please how can I charge my phone numbers on Kuda 
Have been trying to you login into my kuda account and the otp code I can’t get due to my sim have been misplaced 
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Don't have access to my phone number. How can I change to a new phone number?
Are there problem solved since, we need reviews of the support
I lost my SIM card I used to receive otp
I want to change my registration number
How do I change my phone number so I could receive code
Can’t get into my account because I can’t find my sim for otp and I want to change the number please help me 

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I lost my sim and I was unable to receive otp please how can I change my Sim?
I cant recieve otp due to loss of sim card how do i recover 
Same here
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