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Change of number

Hello am Sodiq I lost my phone that am using to receive OTP code I want to change the number so I will be able to login 

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Please i my phone was stolen and i need to change my phone number as soon as possible please how do i go about it 
I forgot my login details
I can't be able to change my number 
i lost my phone number i want to login with my email 

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I lost my sim for OTP
I lost my Sim of otp
I lost my Sim of otp code
Change of my registered number 
I lost my otp number

i lost my otp number to log in to my account pls respond to my request by granted my request to login or through email code

I lost my number that I'm using to receive otp code
I lost my Sim card and I need help on how to change my phone number help help
Help me send my opt to my Gmail
I lost my phone and the sim so how can I get my otp on my E-mail
Please i want to change my mobile number on my Kuda permanently i lost the Sim card please i want to change my Kuda account phone number please
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