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Login my account

Hi I’m salahuddeen I want to sign in my account but my SIM card was lost so I want you to help me login my account 

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Hi i have the same problem, has yours been resolved? If yes pls how?

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Please i forgotten my gmail password to login to kuda bank account
I need my account back
I need my account back 
Hi I want to login back into my account but I lost my phone number and I can’t use any money for myself now 
I need my account back 

i need help to login without my phone number sms


i need help to login without my phone number and sms Why is kuda frustrating us
I need my account now
I need to login on browser cause my app has not been opening 
I want to login to my to my Kuda app but I can’t enter it why 

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My app is not opening  What’s happening  This is causing a lot of inconvenience
My app is not opening 

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Please I beg you No carry money go you need to open back because I really need to do a lot of things on my account and I can’t even save on it so tell me what’s going on with my account because I cannot opened it for good some weeks And I still don’t understand why all this is happening
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