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I want to get my account back on Kuda

Hi I’m salahuddeen I want to sign in my account but my SIM card was lost so I want you to help me login my account 

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I’m chukwuma junior I want to login to my Kuda account but I lost my SIM card so I want you to help me login my account with my gmail 

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I lost my phone number I only have access to my gmail to login 

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Ilos my number access to my Gmail
I want to get back to my kuda account 
Help me

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How can you help me fix up my account I lost the kuda phone number
I have forgotten my transaction pin. How do I handle this? Thanks
Trying to get my transaction pin but receiving a message that says "Expired link".
You claim to be good bank but you are the most useless bank ever imagine I can’t login my bank since yesterday  Why???!!!!

i cant login to my kuda account again


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Please, I don’t no maybe you can help me to find my login on kuda 
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