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I forgot my email

Please help me 

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I forgot my email address linked to my kuda account please how can you help me
I forgot my kuda email address..pls
I forget the email I use in opening the Kuda app
How can I get the email I use in my Kuda app
I forgot my email how can I can I get my account back 
I need assistance on how to change my email
How can i change my email in my kuda account
I can't remember both my email address or password to access my Kuda account, please kindly help me.

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I forgot my email and password 
I want to change my gmail on my Kuda account I forgot my gmail
I forgot my email address and it is difficult for me to login
I forgot my email I want to chenge and be continuing use my app 
Pls help me log in into my kuda account I forget my email
I forget my password and email 
Kindly help me recover my Kuda email address so I can continue using it .Thanks
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