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I can’t receive my OTP code

I can’t receive OTP code how can I receive it I don’t have my old number anymore how can I fix it thanks 

16 people have this problem

I also have this OTP problem 
i can't access to my money for some time now and this really limits me in terms of my spending 
please can the Kuda team do something about this please, i need the money 

Any solutions yet
Same here any solution 
I lost my phone and the number that was registered in it and I can't login in to my kuda again because they are sending the otp to my previous number please I want to receive the otp with my email
Why why is kuda doing this i can’t access my fund for a while now what the heck is happening 
Solution to login without otp
How will I receive my opt code 
I have my phone number with me and yet I can’t still receive opt to login 
Receive OTP in email
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