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Problem logging into my Kuda bank account

Lost my SIM card and it hard to login into my Kuda account with new phone . I need help on it 

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I open an account today but I not seen my account number so please can you people send it to me thanks
I can't access my account
I can't longing in to my kuda app
I can longing in to my kuda application
Good evening, i lost the sim attached to my kuda bank account long time ago and I didn’t not change the number in my account but I mistakenly sign out of my account today and I couldn’t log in back because I can’t have access to the number attached to the bank so I want to change the old number so that I’ll be able to have access to my account. Kindly help, thank you.

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I can't login my account on my new phone please help me logout from my old phone
I lost my sim can’t login my kuda
I can’t log into my Kuda account since I logged out mistakenly yesterday.. please help me get back into my account.
here is the name of my account number
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