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Pending transfer

I made transfers to an account of mine in another bank some weeks ago, normally it takes about 2 to 3 hours for the money to get delivered due to the fact that the bank has a slow system but supports international transactions like playstore purchases, online stores like codashop etc just to mention a few. But till today I am yet to receive any money on the said account I sent an email to the mentioned bank and was told to check back with Kuda did the same with Kuda and was told to check with the other bank, I am honestly tired I am a student studying abroad imagine this happening to someone in this hard Nigerian economy please Kuda help resolve this once and for all. And for reference the bank am talking about is Paga.

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I made a transfer and up till now I’ve not received it 
I also made a transfer from my other bank to my kuda bank account and I've not received the money yet, up till now, but I found out that my account is not upgraded yet and I've upgraded it now and I still haven't received it and it says in your page that if I upgrade it I'll receive the money automatically and I still haven't been funded the amount. Please, find something to do about it
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