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Transfer issue

I did a transfer since on the 25/03/2023 upon till now she has not received it

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Unable to do transfer since 5 days ago now KUDA micro finance fix this problem now. Thanks
I can’t make a transfer on my Kuda help for 5 days now, please do something Kuda micro finance and fix this problem
Unable to make transfer for some days now  KUDA PLEASE FIX YOUR TRANSFER NETWORK 

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I have been trying to make transfer out since yesterday but it not working  But I’m receiving 

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I tried making transfer to another bank account but then they're showing me I can send only the maximum of 0 naira per transaction
I did a transfer to an opay account yesterday and the person hasn't received the money
I have 2 pending outgoing transfers since the 8th of March 2023,the recipients are on my neck and all avenues to reach you is proving abortive.I am getting irked I must say.
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