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Account restricted

My account was restricted and my pin disabled. I was told to contact kids that they would reset my pin. Now, none of them are responding. I have called them, sent an in app message, and sent them a message via email. No response.

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My account was restricted from making transaction why please you guys should unrestrict my account want to pay my sch fees
My account is restricted and I can't do anything.Its so annoying.You sent me a chat telling me to take a picture of me holding a writing of today's date on a paper and my NIN of which I did but still the problem persists.I even tried to update my profile picture through your website of which I did a selfie video twice and still the problem still persists.SORT MY ISSUES OUT CAUSE I HAVE BILLS TO PAY.
Account restricted since on Monday I can’t send money out talkless of doing sub what is really going on 
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Good morning sir/ ma 

I want to report a issues on my account, I saw yesterday that my account has been restricted, the reason for the restriction, which I don't know. I've messaged the customer care service this morning, no one has replied yet help me look into this and help me sort it out. Thank


Please my account has been restricted and I can’t make a transfer please my money is stucked 
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