Here's everything you need to know before you create a Flexible Savings plan:

  • Save daily, weekly or monthly toward a goal and earn annual interest.


  • If you withdraw more than 20% of the amount you set as your savings goal, you will only get the principal (the amount you started the plan with). All the interest you've accrued will be lost.


  • Your Flexible Savings plan will be deleted automatically once you withdraw more than 20% of your savings target.


  • We will debit your Spend account and credit your Flexible Savings plan immediately you create the plan.


  • We will credit your Spend account immediately you confirm withdrawal from your Flexible Savings plan.


  • In line with government regulations, we will subtract 10% of your accrued interest as withholding tax before payout on your plan's maturity date.

To create a Flexible Savings plan:

  1. Tap the Save button on your Kuda dashboard.


  2. Tap the Save Now button in the upper right corner of the Savings screen.


  3. Choose Flexible and follow the prompts on your screen to fill in the details of your savings plan and launch it.