The latest version of Kuda is called the money app for Africans because it's more than just a banking app, it's an app that helps you get the best out of your money.


Beyond giving you a bank account, savings and payment options,  we've added exciting new features including investments and redesigned the app to make it easier to use.


Here are answers to some important questions you might have about the app:


1. Will the old app be deactivated and what’s the oldest version of the Kuda app that I can use after the old app is deactivated?

You'll be able to use the current version of the Kuda app until Sunday, January 15, 2023. After January 15, we'll only support version 0.9.638 on Android and version 1.935 on iOS.


2. What are the oldest versions of Android and iOS are compatible with the new app?

Android 6 and iOS 12.


3. Will I need to sign up again on the app?

No, you won’t need to. You’ll just need to sign in.


4. Will I be able to sign in easily on the app?

Yes, you’ll be able to sign in easily with your Kuda passcode but first, you’ll need to sign in with your email address and Kuda password.


5. What’s a Kuda passcode?

Your Kuda passcode is the six-digit code that you create to sign in to your Kuda app. This code can be replaced with biometric sign-in (FaceID or your fingerprint) in the security settings on the app.


6. Will I need to add more information to my Kuda profile on the app?

Yes, we’ll need you to share a few more details about yourself on the app because we need up-to-date information about you to meet banking regulations. We promise it will take you just a few minutes.


7. Is there any current Kuda feature that isn’t included on the app?

We’re currently improving budgeting, so it will be temporarily unavailable on the app. We’ll let you know when you can use it.


9. Will my transaction history on the current app show up on the app?

No, we won't migrate your transaction history to the app because we changed the way we store transactions, but you can follow this guide to request an account statement for all your past transactions easily.


If you have questions about the latest version of the Kuda app - the money app for Africans, chat with us on your Kuda app, send a message to or call 0700022555832.