To get your Kuda Business account approved and active, you'll need to complete a Know Your Business (KYB) process required by the Central Bank of Nigeria for all business accounts.

We've made the KYB process easy on Kuda Business, but we sometimes reject KYB documents for some reasons. This checklist will help you complete the process in one try.

Address Verification

We accept any of these documents as proof of address as long as the copy of the document is clear and not older than 90 days:

  • Utility bill - electricity, water, waste, DStv or GOtv bills
  • Tax assessment or tax clearance certificates
  • Government-issued documents sent to your address - court documents, letters from a ministry, department, agency or any other government parastatal, or mortgage receipts
  • Sworn affidavits such as notarised copies of declaration or statement of address or a court affidavit which you can swear at any Nigerian High Court
  • Any other document issued by a reliable authority - land use charge receipts, notice of tenement rate assessment, or estate or serviced apartment receipts that include your name or business name and the name of the estate that issued the receipt.

Note: If we reject your proof of address, please sign in at, type in your correct business address then upload the proof of address.

Business Name

Please, take note of these details when adding your business name:

  • Check that you're uploading the right document
  • Confirm that your Tax Identification Number (TIN) is correct
  • Choose the right category for your business.

Tax Identification Number (TIN)

These are a few ways to get your correct TIN:

  1. If you registered your business after June 29, 2022, check your CAC Certificate of Registration or Incorporation.
  2. Check your Tax Clearance Certificate.
  3. Check the FIRS website here.

When you get your TIN, please follow these steps to upgrade your account:

  1. Sign in at
  2. Click Upgrade to a full business account
  3. Click Business Information, then type in your TIN.

Business Category

The business category that you choose on Kuda Business must be supported by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) documents you upload.

To choose the correct business category, please sign in at then follow these steps:

  1. If your CAC registration number begins with 'BN', choose Business Name as your type of business.
  2. If your CAC registration number begins with 'RC', choose Limited Liability as your type of business.

Limited Liability Company

If your business is registered as a limited liability company, please take note of these details:

  • Your Board Resolution must include a clear instruction authorising the director to run the business account on behalf of the company.
  • The Board Resolution must be signed.
  • When there's more than one director that owns at least 10% of the company shares, all such directors must sign the Board Resolution.