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Top Up Your Cowry Wallet
Top Up Your Cowry Wallet
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The Cowry wallet and card are the easiest ways to pay for BRT rides in Lagos. These cashless options are secure and convenient, and you can top up your Cowry wallet directly from your Kuda account.

To top up your Cowry wallet:

1. Sign in to your Kuda app, then tap Pay.

2. Tap Pay A Bill.

3. Tap Transport & Toll.

4. Tap the service provider dropdown menu.

5. Tap LASG Cowry Card.

6. Tap the top-up package dropdown menu.

7. Choose a top-up package.

8. Type in the phone number linked to your Cowry wallet, then tap Next.

9. Complete the top-up with your transaction PIN, fingerprint or Face ID.

10. Tap Okay to return to your Kuda dashboard.

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