Getting the card

  •  How do I get the Kuda Visa card?

With a minimum account balance of 1,000 naira, you can request a free Kuda Visa card on your Kuda app and we’ll deliver your card to your preferred address in Nigeria free of charge.


Please, follow this guide to request a card.

  •  Will I need to pay for the card?

No, you won’t need to pay for the Kuda Visa card. 


You’ll need to have a minimum balance of 1,000 naira in your account to request the card but we will not debit your account or charge you for delivery. Kuda cards remain free. ? 

  • What will happen to my current Kuda card?

When you activate your new Kuda Visa card, we'll automatically turn off your old card. 

Until your new card is activated, you’ll be able to keep using your old Kuda card.

  • What's a virtual Kuda Visa Card and how do I get it?

A virtual Kuda Visa Card is a non-physical version of the Kuda Visa Card.


Your virtual card is for making naira payments everywhere naira Visa cards are accepted online. This card isn't plastic, so you can only use it online.


Please, follow this guide to get a virtual Kuda Visa Card.


Using your card

  • How do I activate my Kuda Visa Card?

Please, follow this guide to activate your card on your Kuda app.

  • How do I change my card PIN?

You can change your card PIN in the Card section of your Kuda app.


If you use the wrong card PIN up to three times at an ATM, you can still change your PIN on the app. Just make sure that your first card transaction after changing your card PIN is at an ATM.

  • Will you charge me a card maintenance fee for the Kuda Visa card?

No, we won't charge you a card maintenance fee.

  • Can I make free ATM withdrawals with the card?

Yes, you can withdraw cash at ATMs across Nigeria free of charge up to three times a month. 


Once you've used your three free withdrawals for a month, ATM providers will charge you the standard 35 naira withdrawal fee for any withdrawal you make for the rest of that month.

  • Will I be charged if I need to replace my Kuda Visa Card?

Yes, we'll charge you 1,000 naira for a replacement card.